Monday, September 12, 2011


Happy Monday!  

Did I just really say "Happy Monday" and actually sound perky about it?! Oh my - this girl needs some caffeine.  But wait - I'm giving up my morning Starbucks in an attempt to save some moolah as well as to save my waistline from expanding to regions unknown.  It was brewed Jasmine Green Tea for me this morning - which I actually lurves - with a tiny splash of Sweet N' Low. 

I digress from my initial Monday-ness of the post.  I'm trying to be a savvy blogger but let's face it without caffeine, I might only be a half-awake blogger. 

I just recently, ok really a few months ago, joined Pinterest  I'm still not sure what to do with it but I muddle along just fine "pinning" away things I see that I like. 

I made a wedding specific one to hopefully host some ideas for our wedding or pieces of inspiration.  

What do you do with your inspirational pictures for your wedding? Save them to your desktop?  Hide them in a folder in your documents called "K's stuff"? 

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