Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Jobs and New Challenges

My darling fiance started his new job today. He's excited - I'm excited so what's the challenge?!  At this time, we don't know his regular hours.  Apparently everyone in the company chose to go on vacation around the same time so we've been waiting anxiously only to be told "Keep waiting".

We are both excited to have him working again - for the same and different reasons! If you talk to him, make sure you give him an extra "way to go!" :) 


We have FINALLY booked our wedding photographer!  It took literally months to pick someone out and we still haven't met these peeps.  The lovely photographer who did our engagement photos was amazing and we would love to have her; however she would cost us almost double what we are going to end up paying and she would have to travel.  

The photographers we did chose are local to our wedding site and are familiar with the area. They have gone to the local Penn State campus for pictures so KC will be super excited for their knowledge about his domain :)

I have been surfing Pinterest to get my creativity flowing for ideas.  There are some beautiful pieces/ideas out there. Here's some wedding cake love for our fine Tuesday. 

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