Thursday, September 8, 2011

One year

Today is one year to our wedding day, September 8, 2012 and one year closer to starting our life together.  As cliche as it might be, I'm starting our wedding blog..hopefully going to be our grown-up life blog.  I am not the best blogger out there but I try.  Points for effort or something like that, correct?

A little about us:

I'm K, the soon to be Mrs.  I work in higher education, helping college students figure out their way through college life.  I love to read - romance novels -, bake just about any dessert and spend time hunting for bargains.  I enjoy spending time with my DF, KC, and our cat, Purrsephone. 

KC, the dear fiance, works for a major shipping company part-time.  He's a gym rat who enjoys working out for the routine not the buffness factor.  He likes Pink Floyd, sports especially football and teasing Purrsephone on a regular basis.  

We met online - gasp yes in the scary online world of dating!  We chatted for a few weeks via email and phone.  In a fit of true lovey dovey-ness, we were texting late one Friday night in March and decided to have a pre-date.  What praytell is a pre-date?! It's our own weird way of meeting up the night before our actual scheduled first date and hanging out bowling.  We were dressed down, looking nothing like you'd expect on a first date, nervous and giddy.  It's safe to say that the pre-date went well!  The first date occurred the next night and the rest they say is history...

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